Living "in the dash"

You hear it all the time, ”Life is short.  Take a chance now before it’s too late.” 
Cliché, yes. True? Also, yes. 

It’s been a rough summer here at G Force.  In June, I  lost my father to liver disease.  And while I don’t want to immediately kick off this post on a downer, the experience has certainly inspired me to take inventory of what really matters as we strive to make the most out of this time we have “in the dash” ...that time between the first and last day of our life.

Ironically, the three things that come to mind are the same three primary concepts of our brand.


The words are the same, the context is different, the impact is just as strong.

REACH –Strive for better, reach deep inside to listen to yourself for guidance, reach for more. Have scary business goals?  Make a plan and reach for what you want.
After all, life is short.

CONNECT – And you know I'm not talking about your internet speed.  Be with others, be with yourself, really listen to your clients.  It’s these true connections that will carry you beyond where you think you and your business can go.

ENGAGE – Extend these connections and truly engage with those you’re closest to – personally and professionally. Put down your phones, make eye contact with those around you.  You may just learn something new, see a different point of view or way of doing things, or find inspiration in someone’s story. 

When you truly live “in the dash”, when you step out of your comfort zone and refuse to settle for less than– that’s where the magic in this one beautiful life truly happens.

In honor of Ken Pike
12.22.1942 -- 6.30.2018